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EUC News: Blockchain in Healthcare, VMware ESCi on ARM, Connecto TechTalkPlus, Innovation at VMworld

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This week’s highlights  include news stories on Blockchain technologies, VMware innovations, Stratodesk company updates, IoT, and more.

 Is Blockchain The Answer To A Better Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare suffers more from security breaches than any other industry. This is partly because of the strict regulations placed on the processing of important patient information. Thus, Healthcare must be more careful in how they go about protecting their networks. They must somehow straddle the line between security and accessibility. Blockchain technology might be the answer to Healthcare IT’s clear need.

 VMware ESXi is coming to ARM, adding to their IoT/edge efforts. Could automotive be next?

VMware seeks to gain a competitive advantage by focusing on IoT and edge computing. Will it be enough for them to compete with Citrix’s advanced Workspace IoT? This article explores the leaps both companies have made in regards to IoT technology.

 Conecto TechTalkPLUS in Denmark

If you’ve been following our news and updates, you’ve already heard about how Stratodesk rocked VMworld 2018, meeting with EUC superstars at the InsideTrack Topgolf event, technology partners and VMworld attendees at our booth, and more. But while VMworld was coming to a close, we were also in attendance at Conecto TechTalkPLUS 2018 in Denmark.

Healthcare Data Presents Lucrative Target for Cyberattackers

“The healthcare industry will remain one of the most targeted sectors by cyberattackers because of its valuable healthcare data, judged a report published Sept. 6 by Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Global Risk Center.”

Disruptive Innovation at VMworld

In the age of vendor-centric trade shows, VMworld had its share of innovative vendors sharing their technology. Take a look at this list of some of the biggest innovations present at VMworld 2018.

That’s this week’s news update. For more stories like these, follow us on Twitter, and stay current with our blog for the latest news from Stratodesk and the worlds of Healthcare IT, VDI, IoT, the Cloud, and EUC.

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