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VDI Weekly News: DaaS, Digital Transformation, and NoTouch Desktop

This week, learn about new trends in VDI, the Cloud, get the latest content from Stratodesk –including a new white paper–and RSVP for our upcoming webinar.

What is DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service)?

We know the many benefits of DaaS, which is why NoTouch Desktop is the preferred endpoint OS and management solution for endpoints in a DaaS environment. But do you know the differences between VDI and DaaS and how both can benefit your business? Considering making the move to the Cloud? Discover how Stratodesk software works with DaaS to increase security and save on costs.

NoTouch Webinar – October 11th

Have you RSVP’d for our next webinar, happening October 11th at 9:30 a.m PT? Get a technical overview of our software’s advanced capabilities and learn why NoTouch Desktop is the #1 endpoint OS and management solution for VDI, IoT, and DaaS endpoints.

Digital Transformation is an Ongoing Process 

This article explores the ongoing nature of digital transformation. Digital transformation is in fact not a one-and-done solution, but something that requires changes and improvements over time.

Cybersecurity Can Boost Plant Productivity

This article explores how plant operations managers can increase their productivity by updating and expanding existing security processes. Different strategies to boost security are discussed as well as the various benefits of each approach.

NoTouch Desktop Benefits for Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT traditionally faces unique challenges deploying and managing virtual desktops throughout organizations. Strict regulations, budgets, and requirements to remain flexible and allow mobile workers and BYOD create significant challenges for Healthcare IT. Another challenge, and perhaps the greatest of these, is doing all of the above while also ensuring the highest security standards.

That’s this week’s news update. For more stories like these, follow us on Twitter, and stay current with our blog for the latest news from Stratodesk and the worlds of Healthcare IT, VDI, IoT, the Cloud, and EUC.


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