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VDI Weekly Update: Partner News, Thin Clients, Big Data, and Server Innovations

VDI, Thin Clients, DaaS, Iot

In this week’s news update: Thin Client basics, trends in Big Data and AI, and EDUCAUSE 2018.

Citrix opens newly upgraded facility after €6.7 million investment

Our partner, Citrix, opened its newly upgraded facility at East Point Business Park in Dublin, which will be the largest Citrix European centre within EMEA. They will also be adding an additional 30 roles on top of the 150 originally planned for with room for even more potential hires down the road.

Thin Clients: All You Need to Know:

New to Thin Clients? This article will teach you the basics including: what they are, benefits you can expect from using them, and how they are deployed. For even more information on how you can use Thin Clients to scale your VDI or DaaS environment, visit our Thin Clients page.

Trends in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

A major trend is on the rise across both the private and public sector. This trend is towards AI/machine learning (or ML) for automation. Originated in our very own Bay Area, this trend helps give companies a customer focused look at data and even incorporates that data into the product service. In this article explore the two fundamental areas for driving customer-centric AI and ML.

Why 2018 is the year of voice tech in healthcare

2019 may be the year of voice in healthcare IT, but as a part of that transition will also come a lot of challenges deploying this tech, predicts the Editor-in-Chief of IT news, Tom Sullivan. Voice technologies from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and others that are already active in every day life are starting to become common in healthcare as well. In a world so driven by the voice, as in healthcare, Sullivan suggests that we can expect a major shift to happen and that the use of voice technologies will grow.

Are Consumers Worried Enough to Buy a Personal Server?

Seattle startup Privacy Labs is creating a server that runs email, contacts, and calendar services through a personal web domain. The device, which is small enough to conveniently fit on a table or desk around the house and not in a data center somewhere, aims to act as a private, digital-identity hub for everything you do online. Instead of third parties like Google and Facebook storing all your information in their data centers, consumers will control their own data and internet companies will have to ask for access to your data. It’s a great idea –but will it catch on?

Connect with Stratodesk at the Citrix Booth #413 at EDUCAUSE 2018

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference brings the brightest minds in education IT together. By sharing ideas and collaborating with one another, EDUCAUSE helps IT professionals become better at what they do. Stratodesk will be in the Citrix Booth during the show, at booth number 413, showcasing how our NoTouch product suite works with Citrix to unlock the full benefit of Citrix VDI in an education setting.

That’s it for this week’s news update. For more stories like these, follow us on Twitter, and stay current with our blog for the latest news from Stratodesk and the worlds of Healthcare IT, VDI, IoT, the Cloud, and EUC.


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