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Web Redesign –Stratodesk’s New Look

Hi everyone. We’ve been hard at work creating the new website–and we’re almost finished. Along with an updated look and feel that better represents the advancements our company has made, what else can you expect from the new website? Below are a few of the new website elements we are most excited to share with you.

An Updated Look and Feel

Of course, an updated look comes with any new web re-design. We’ve done an overhaul of all our key pages and will continue to revamp the rest of the website in the coming weeks. Not only does the website have a more modern look, it will also better reflect the advancements we have made as a company.

The Blog

The Stratodesk blog is home to the most current and up to date news about Stratodesk. We cover everything from Tech News, to product updates, and even what might be affecting you in the world of VDI. The new blog is going to have a much cleaner and more exciting look and interface, and a more minimalistic and current reading experience.

The New Citrix Ready Workspace Hub

We already had some real estate set aside for the Raspberry Pi on our last website, but given the high demand that the Workspace Hub has seen, we’re really excited to update the pages on our new website. When it comes to the Workspace Hub, you have two purchasing options –you can get it from NComputing or ViewSonic. The New Citrix Ready Workspace Hub has all the features and benefits of the HDX Ready Pi but also comes with features like Citrix Casting and more. Get all the benefits of a high performance Thin Client at a fraction of the cost.

A New Logo

We know –you love our logo. Everybody loves the Polar Bear –it’s virtually synonymous with NoTouch Desktop. Well you’re in luck –our new logo is even better! Like our new website, the logo has a sleeker and more noble feel. Similarly to how NoTouch Desktop makes running your VDI effortless–our Logo is made to reflect the simplicity of our solution and how it makes your life easier.

The new website is, again, something we’re really excited about. And it’s something that we’ve been working pretty hard on. You can expect to see the new website, blog and logo  –coming soon!

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