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Stratodesk –The #1 Endpoint OS and Management Solution

Learn how Stratodesk is elevating your VDI and Workspace IoT through our partnership with Citrix. Our OS powers the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub, bringing the Raspberry Pi endpoint advanced, enterprise grade features. Manage a mixed environment of both x86 and Raspberry Pi devices. Enable efficiency, security and flexibility in your VDI with NoTouch Cloud, NoTouch IoT, NoTouch Desktop, and the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub. Stratodesk is the #1 endpoint OS and management solution capable of transforming your collection of mixed devices into a standardized VDI ecosystem.

Citrix Synergy attendees who visit Stratodesk at booth 508 will see

Powered and centrally managed by Stratodesk’s NoTouch Desktop, the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub is the next generation endpoint for Citrix VDI. Learn how the Raspberry Pi is disrupting the Thin Client space with its high performance and low price. Experience Citrix Casting features first hand.

Repurpose any PC, Laptop, Thin Client or Raspberry Pi into a high performing VDI endpoint with NoTouch OS. NoTouch OS is completely hardware agnostic and runs on X86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi.

Incorporate Raspberry Pis into a fully manageable IoT network with NoTouch IoT. With NoTouch IoT Stratodesk offers a proven, tiny operating system and a tailored management solution for IoT devices such as the Pi Zero. NoTouch IoT also works with Node-Red and Microsoft Azure IoT.

Learn how Healthcare Organizations are leveraging the power and convenience of Imprivata on NoTouch Desktop. Experience Single Sign On, Fingerprint Authentication, and more.

Reserve your spot with the Stratodesk team when you sign up today, secure your personal demo of NoTouch Desktop, experience the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub and claim your Starbucks Gift Card.

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