Meet Stratodesk at CITRIX Synergy

Visit us at CITRIX Synergy booth #508, where the Stratodesk team will be demonstrating our all-in-one endpoint operating and management solution for Citrix and other VDI environment. The NoTouch Desktop Suite is HDX ready, includes the Citrix client pre-installed, and is easy to configure via NoTouch Center management platform.

Meet our experts on site for a live demo and learn how to get all the benefits of thin client computing by turning your existing (and new) devices into secure and centrally manageable VDI terminals. Learn how to

  • Easily convert any PC or laptop (existing and brand new) into a smart, secure, “zero-like” VDI endpoint in seconds
  • Save cost by unifying your end user’s desktops with a single high-performance OS and a single management solution for all your devices
  • Manage your VDI endpoint network with the included enterprise-grade management tool from one single location

Get a Starbucks gift card when you schedule a demo with us at Citrix Synergy
(May 23-25) in Orlando, FL. We look forward to meeting you at our booth #508!


Stratodesk at conhIT 2017

For the second time Stratodesk was exhibiting at conhIT in Berlin and we enjoyed the 10-year anniversary of Europe’s most important healthcare IT conference very much.

Healthcare customers worldwide trust Stratodesk solutions and we were thrilled to present the, what we believe, best VDI endpoint solution for healthcare to show attendees. NoTouch Desktop converts all kinds of desktop hardware, not matter if older or brand new, into thin, powerful and highly secure VDI terminals. With NoTouch customers get all the benefits of thin client computing at the fraction of the cost of new hardware and dramatically lower their TCO. All NoTouch devices can be configured, updated and monitored easily and centrally with our NoTouch Center management suite.

Stratodesk’s healthcare focused features, Digital Dictation and Single Sign-on, amazed the tech savvy audience at the show. All NoTouch products offer optimal out of the box support of digital dictation solutions (e.g. Philips, Grundig, Nuance, Devacon and MediaInterface). We also presented live in the booth how easy it is to use Imprivata Single Sign-on with NoTouch for secure user authentication with RFID cards.

Attendees also enjoyed a good cup of coffee and a piece of the famous Viennese Sacher Cake, while they relaxed and chatted with our Stratodesk team in the booth.

Faster Boot Time!

Stratodesk has released service updates with new features, improvements and bug fixes but the most notable one is the much-improved boot time. We added many improvements to speed up the boot time such as not rehashing certificates at every boot, and improving connection start times. In addition, we included the most current clients  (e.g. VMware View Client, Citrix Receiver) and also integrated the Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) client.

The new software versions (OS, Center, and VA) are available for customers with current update subscription in our download portal. If you have questions regarding your update subscription please contact [email protected].

As always, we suggest updating to the current NoTouch Center to fully benefit from all the improvements made. For a complete list of updates, please see the release notes. Here are some of the highlights:

NoTouch OS 2.40.1665 and 2.40.1632

  • Integrate Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) client
  • Update VMware Horizon View client to 4.4.0-5167967
  • Update Flash to
  • Add new parameters to control VMware Horizon View USB forwarding and drive redirections
  • Increase socket timeouts for contacting management server
  • Update Citrix Receiver to
  • Much improved boot time
  • Update Firefox to 45.8.0 ESR
  • Update Flash to
  • Update HDX RTME to 2.2.0
  • Update Parallels RAS to 15.5.16129
  • Do not rehash certificates at every boot. Speedup


Oracle Partnership

Stratodesk is proud to announce our partnership and our NoTouch solution integration with Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD). Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop Suite now includes the Oracle SGD client pre-installed and is easy to configure via Stratodesk’s NoTouch Center management platform. Stratodesk and Oracle work together to provide the most powerful and simple to use endpoint OS for Oracle SGD and giving users the ability to work securely from any NoTouch device. Stratodesk fully supports Oracle SGD to securely access applications and the entire desktop hosted in a datacenter or in the cloud. Oracle SGD client is pre-installed and is compatible with the full suite of OSG: Virtual Compute Appliance Ready, Oracle Database Ready, Oracle Linus Ready, Oracle VM Ready.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop is a secure remote access solution for any cloud-hosted enterprise application and hosted desktops and works with a wide range of popular client devices including NoTouch Desktop PCs, laptops, and Thin Clients.

Stratodesk is very committed to integrating partner solutions into our software and solution to deliver customers a complete software solution they need to do business. We encourage innovators to contact us about potential opportunities and becoming a technology partner.


HIMSS 2017 Recap

The Stratodesk team enjoyed a great show at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando.

This is the first year Stratodesk team attended the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference and we were amazed at the fantastic turn out. HIMSS had another record breaking year with about 45,00 attendees and 1,200 exhibitors. The healthcare industry is becoming a very important vertical for Stratodesk as more healthcare providers, hospitals, aged care providers, and rehab centers see the benefits of NoTouch specifically in healthcare.

We were glad to showcase our solution to many of the C-Suite, senior management and IT professionals that were in attendance. Many attendees loved at the cost savings from using our NoTouch Desktop repurposing solution to go VDI, and the robust central management solution included through our NoTouch Center. The NoTouch Desktop solution is hardware agnostic and requires minimal hardware to run. Just how minimal? Our NoTouch Desktop can repurpose any PC, laptop, or thin client device that has at least 500 MHz and 128 MB RAM. Our NoTouch Center solution solves many of the problematic situations IT professionals currently face such as security concerns, problematic windows migration, and deployment issues.

At our booth, we also demonstrated how great Stratodesk works with authentication support technologies such as Imprivata Single Sign-On, RFID tag readers, and smart card support.

VDI Predictions 2017: Why VDI Partners Will Be Smiling

VDI Predictions 2017

For the 9th time Virtualization and Cloud executives shared their predictions for the coming year on  VMblog asked VDI and repurposing specialist, Stratodesk CEO Emanuel Pirker, to share his VDI predictions for 2017.


Read now exclusively,  why VDI partners and customers will be smiling in 2017:

Larger companies are making bigger VDI deployments. In the past, companies experimented with proof-of-concept testing on a few hundred clients. Now, there’s more evidence of the value of VDI, and we’re seeing larger companies repurpose as many as 7,000 PCs as VDI clients in as little as a weekend.

A greater percentage of companies are choosing to repurpose PCs for faster ROI. A VDI project cuts operational expenses, but it is capital intensive to launch. Awareness is spreading that companies can trim 40 percent off capital outlays by repurposing existing PCs instead of buying thin clients. Companies use the savings to make investments such as beefing up their VDI servers to maximize the performance of virtual desktops.

As deployments grow, it’s even more important to have flexible, centralized management. More companies are aware that a VDI client management tool needs to meet requirements such as these:

  • Is it vendor-agnostic? Will it support most types of thin clients and repurposed PCs and laptops, or does it come from a technology vendor that wants to lock customers in to only certain types of PCs and thin clients?
  • Does it enable a client to support dual monitors, or just a standard VGA connection?
  • Does it replace vulnerable Windows operating systems on endpoints with an encrypted Linux-based OS? Does its provider offer timely updates for security?
  • Will it support popular single sign-on and smart card solutions from vendors such as Imprivata? Can it meet healthcare, financial services, and government standards for two-factor authentication, including standards from the Department of Defense?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) growth is accelerating. As users gain greater trust in the cloud, DaaS service providers are expanding quickly, and discovering that PC repurposing software is a fast, cost-efficient way to build a bridge from local hardware to a rented desktop in the cloud.

Because of factors like these, 2017 should see strong growth in the VDI market.

If you would like to experience all these advantages  test our PC conversion software and our client management solution NoTouch Center! Click on Free Trial and test-drive  NoTouch Desktop right now.

VMworld Europe – What a Big Success!

This year’s VMworld Europe in Barcelona exceeded all our expectations. The Stratodesk team was booked all day with interest in solutions from Stratodesk.  A large number attendees from all over the world followed the demos of our repurposing software NoTouch Desktop with VMware’s new Protocol Blast Extreme. People were blown away by the excellent graphics support with NoTouch and Blast Extreme. Many satisfied customers dropped by to talk to us about their awesome experiences with our highly secure and versatile endpoint OS and to get first hand information about what’s on the roadmap for Stratodesk in the coming year.

Plenty of VMworld Europe attendees were not only interested in PC Repurposing but were also amazed by the reliable, brand name Thin Client hardware from HP combined with Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS. No matter if working on a thin client, a laptop or a PC NoTouch clearly supports all the needs of our customers with wireless support, multi-monitor support, security features, enhanced graphics support and much more.

In the booth we also showcased how great Stratodesk is working with our technology partner’s solution Imprivata Single Sign-On and our central management solution NoTouch Center. When managing VDI endpoints it gets less and less important which kind of VDI device you are using. Stratodesk CEO Emanuel Pirker explains: “Being able to manage the growing hardware mix as expediently, efficiently and transparently as possible in the many companies, organizations and pubic authorities is therefore the goal. No administrator or IT manager wants to work with various island solutions for different device classes, let alone at the manufacturer level. We definitely believe that comprehensive, neutral management solutions, like NoTouch Center, that enable the uniform administration of all devices are the future.”

Our VMworld Europe  team had a lot of fun working our raffle  for a Parrot Drone. Congratulation to our lucky raffle winner. We hope you have a lot of fun with the drone. If you were not the lucky winner we hope you took home one of our cool Stratodesk shirts or a cute polar bear keychain, at least.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming events in fall/winter and we hope you check back for latest new on our Stratodesk Blog.

If you did not have the chance to be at VMworld and see our live demo in the booth we invite you to sign up for our next live basic webinar in November.  Reserve your seat now!

Take a glance at what was happening at the Stratodesk booth in the pictures below:

VMworld Europe - NoTouch-Imprivata vmworld-eu-2016-3 vmworld-eu-2016-2 vmworld-eu-2016-11

Heading to VMworld Europe? – Schedule a Meeting with us!

VMworld Europe in Barcelona is only a couple days away.  If you are heading to Barcelona don’t miss to stop by our booth #E326, where we will provide live demos of the market-leading PC repurposing and client management solution NoTouch Desktop. See exciting new features (e.g. NoTouch working with VMware’s new Blast Extreme protocol) that help make your VDI deployment faster, easier and more cost-efficient.

You’ll also receive

  • A free T-shirt and Polar Bear key chain
  • Free NoTouch Desktop licenses
  • And a chance to win a drone!

Schedule a hassle-free discussion with one of our technical experts at VMworld to see how:

  • to easily convert any PC or laptop (existing and brand new) into a smart, secure, “zero-like” VDI endpoint in seconds
  • to get all the benefits of thin and zero-client computing with NoTouch out of the box
  • NoTouch will unify your enduser’s desktops with one single high performance OS and one single management solution for all your devices
  • well NoTouch Desktop works with VMware’s Horizon and other VDI solutions with its unmatched support for PCoIP, Blast Extreme and RDP as well as USB device redirection, Single Sign-On solutions and Real-Time Audio-Video (RTAV) for Horizon
  • to manage your VDI endpoint network with the superior, centralized management tool “NoTouch Center”, that offers all the outstanding, enterprise-grade management features YOU need.

Slots for our demos fill up fast, but you can reserve your space right now! Our team will be in touch to confirm your slot.

Come visit us at booth #E326 at the VMworld Solutions Exchange from October 17th-20th, 2016 at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona. We can’t wait to see you!

Our Most Flexible and Powerful NoTouch yet – New Software Released

What makes NoTouch unbeatable? NoTouch is the most versatile, capable and always up-to-date endpoint OS on the market. The Stratodesk team released NoTouch 2.40.1173 with the latest clients of VMware and Citrix. In addition, you will find many other amazing updates.

NoTouch improvement and updates at a glance

  • New Citrix Receiver 13.4 with new HDX RTME version
  • New VMware Horizon 4.2.0 with Blast Extreme and PCoIP
  • Imprivata Single-Sign-On improvements
  • Java 8
  • Support  for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD)
  • and many more
  • More information about the software update can be found in the release notes in our download portal. As always, we suggest updating to the most current NoTouch Center and Virtual Appliance as well to fully benefit from all the improvements made.

The new software versions (OS, Center and VA) are available for customers with current update subscription in our download portal . If you have questions feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Looking Forward to VMworld Europe


VMworld Europe

After a very successful VMworld US in Las Vegas the preparations for VMworld Europe are in full swing.  The Stratodesk team is looking forward to return to Barcelona for the third time in a row and we can’t wait to kick things off at the Fira Gran Via Barcelona on October 17th-20th again.

VMworld Europe

If you are attending VMworld Europe stop at our  booth #E326! We are very excited to showcase the newest version on NoTouch Desktop with Blast Extreme as well as a lot of new security features, single sing-on capabilities and much more. Don’t miss the chance to win one of our awesome prizes or take home our cute polar bear key chain or one of our famous Stratodesk t-shirts.

Meet us at  booth #E326 in the Solutions Exchange and learn how you can:

  • Convert your PCs and laptops into smart, secure, “zero-like” VDI endpoints
  • Get all the benefits of thin and zero-client computing out of the box
  • Unify your enduser desktop devices in seconds
  • Manage your VDI endpoint network with the included enterprise grade management tool from one single location

Schedule a demo with us at the booth and secure your demo spot now!

We can’t wait to see you at VMworld Europe  in Barcelona.