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NoTouch OS 2.40.3186 – Key Updates and Improvements

Welcome to NoTouch OS 2.40.3186! 

Our most recent update to NoTouch OS includes multiple improvements and new functionality, such as Citrix Receiver 13.9.1 and client-side Active Directory integration. Among the many new features and improvements, we’re also excited to announce a drastically decreased boot time for Raspberry Pi devices.

Raspberry Pi Boot Time

Boot time for the Raspberry Pi has been improved. Get your Raspberry Pi up and running in less than 15 seconds.

Citrix Workspace Hub – Technical Preview

The Workspace Hub – one of Citrix’ most exciting new innovations – is now in its Technical Preview stage, allowing everyone to test Citrix Casting. NoTouch OS 2.40.3186 is the basis for Citrix’s Workspace Hub Technical Preview. Get your Workspace-Hub enabled NoTouch OS image for the Raspberry Pi platform directly from Citrix.

Update from USB

You can now make updates to your Raspberry Pi via USB – along with the traditional methods and central update distribution via NoTouch Center. Simply have a USB stick containing an LFI firmware file and update directly on the local device.

Active Directory and Certificate Services

NoTouch OS can now integrate with Active Directory. It can register itself as a domain member (with provided credentials) and use the Active Directory Certificate Services to get signed machine certificates.

Improved OS file compression

The improved OS file compression from NoTouch OS 2.40.3186 allows for faster boot time and reduced image file size. This improvement saves the typical PC image 200 MB.

Updated Splash Screen

An all new and improved splash screen was added. You’ll see it when NoTouch’s system needs a few moments to process your request.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+

NoTouch OS 2.40.3186 works on the brand-new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as well as the well-known Pi 3 Model B that is the basis for our partner’s device, the NComputing RX-HDX and the ViewSonic SC-T25. When run on a Pi 3 B+ motherboard, NoTouch OS supports its improved wireless capabilities.

NoTouch customers not using the Raspberry Pi already in their VDI are encouraged to update to the latest version of NoTouch. However, the biggest impact from this release will be on those using Raspberry Pi devices and the new Citrix Ready Workspace Hub.

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