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Stratodesk and ThinPrint partnership


Stratodesk and ThinPrint have been working together to provide a top-notch printing solution for your VDI and server-based computing environment. With comprehensive print support and management, ThinPrint solves the common challenges faced by organizations when implementing printing into their VDI.

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SentryBay partnered with Stratodesk to provide a powerful defense against cyber threats in BYOD environments. The solution offers enhanced protection for keylogging, DLL injection, and screen scraping vulnerabilities across a wealth of endpoints, including thin clients, personal computing devices, and…

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Stratodesk and Philips partnership


Stratodesk has partnered with Philips to integrate speech mic capabilities into NoTouch, revolutionizing professional workflows for lawyers, doctors, dentists, and more.

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Stratodesk and Nuance Partnership


Nuance Communications, Inc. leads the way in conversational AI, delivering cutting-edge solutions for speech and imaging challenges in the business world. Stratodesk NoTouch OS integration helps to empower individuals with revolutionary technology that boosts productivity and unlocks their limitless potential.

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Liquidware and Stratodesk


Liquidware and Stratodesk partner to deliver comprehensive experiences for customers using virtual desktops, DaaS, and cloud workspaces. Liquidware’s Stratosphere UX experience monitoring solution provides key telemetry on users and devices connected to virtual environments. Customers can use this information to…

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Lakeside on NoTouch OS


Lakeside has created an exceptional solution called SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring. This cutting-edge tool empowers Stratodesk customers to provide their end-users with the essential technology they need to excel in their work. Not only does it optimize IT costs, but…

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Stratodesk and Grundig partnership


Stratodesk NoTouch offers seamless integration with Grundig products, allowing for speech and dictation capabilities on any hardware, across a wide range of VDI technologies.

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Stratodesk and Imprivata partnership.


Stratodesk and Imprivata have been longstanding partners in delivering a seamless Single-Sign-On and authentication experience to access any endpoint, workstation, application, and VDI/cloud workspace. Single Sign-On features to VDI and DaaS environments. Imprivata is a renowned leader in Healthcare security…

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