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Discover the immense potential of the Stratodesk and Rimo3 integration, unlocking unparalleled insight into your endpoint network. Unleash advanced management capabilities and enjoy seamless access to real-time endpoint monitoring and diagnostics, seamlessly woven into your NoTouch OS.

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Liquidware and Stratodesk


Liquidware and Stratodesk partner to deliver comprehensive experiences for customers using virtual desktops, DaaS, and cloud workspaces. Liquidware’s Stratosphere UX experience monitoring solution provides key telemetry on users and devices connected to virtual environments. Customers can use this information to…

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Lakeside on NoTouch OS


Lakeside has created an exceptional solution called SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring. This cutting-edge tool empowers Stratodesk customers to provide their end-users with the essential technology they need to excel in their work. Not only does it optimize IT costs, but…

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ControlUp is a leader in the Digital Employee Experience (DEX ) segment with a focus on the overall experience of users connecting to virtual and physical environments. Stratodesk and ControlUp partner to deliver complete solutions including support for both key…

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