Virtual Appliance

Did you ever dream of a zero-install and easiest-to-use option to run NoTouch Center and an enterprise-grade PXE boot stack for NoTouch Desktop? This has become reality! Stratodesk Virtual Appliance is a 64bit Linux-based Virtual Appliance (VA) preconfigured to run in VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and various desktop/workstation products.

For NoTouch installations of any size, the Stratodesk Virtual Appliance acts as a smart endpoint computing hub:

  • NoTouch Center is hosted on this machine, ready to run, no external database necessary
  • A PXE boot environment allows for instant booting of PCs and TCs with NoTouch
  • Client OS images are hosted on the machine for both update distribution and network boot

After booting it up in your hypervisor you can set basic network configuration in the hypervisor console:


After that, all interactions are done easily with your webbrowser:


The Stratodesk Virtual Machine is an add-on to the unique NoTouch™ platform and available to subscribed customers. NoTouch Center will continue to be available as a Windows-based application, besides being part for all future Stratodesk Virtual Appliance builds.