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Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Essentially a Desktop-as-a-Service solution, Microsoft AVD is based solely in the Cloud. AVD and NoTouch Software are best together – enabling you to securely and cost-efficiently scale and manage your entire Microsoft Azure-based virtual desktop deployment. A new choice DaaS platform is now available to Stratodesk NoTouch users!

WVD stratodesk notouch

Stratodesk Software is the Premier Solution for AVD Endpoints

Connect to AVD directly out of the box with NoTouch OS

New and existing devices are converted by Stratodesk NoTouch OS , replacing any native operating system on your device. For personal devices, Stratodesk can also be booted from a USB stick without replacing the underlying OS.

Microsoft AVD

Stratodesk is the first to support AVD on both x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi devices.

Leveraging Stratodesk and the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Linux Client on the Raspberry Pi unlocks key benefits for enterprises around the world including:

  • Seamless, secure access to Windows instances in the Cloud.
  • Unbeatable savings options and unlimited scalability.
  • Secure endpoint operation and management for all x86 and ARM devices.
Raspberry Pi for VDI Thin Clients

Save money and time by managing all physical endpoints from one central location.

Take advantage of tomorrow’s on-premises and Cloud based endpoint management today. Stratodesk NoTouch Center manages thousands of devices, local and remote, from the safety and security of one location. Eliminate endless, redundant IT tasks, become a budget saving hero, and get home early thanks to state-of-the-art, automated endpoint management.

NoTouch Center
NoTouch Center in Azure Marketplace | Manage AVD (WVD) and other VDI Endpoints with NoTouch Center in Azure Cloud

The best way to consume Windows and Apps in Azure.

Stratodesk is also the perfect solution for anyone looking to:

  • Convert devices to thin endpoints
  • Increase security
  • Unify and standardize devices
  • Automate endpoint management from one platform
  • Take advantage of multi-session Windows 10 virtual desktops
  • Never again have to spend the time and money on updating and maintaining Windows endpoints

Download NoTouch OS which includes the AVD Linux Client for x86 and ARM (Raspberry Pi) devices.

Get all the benefits of local Windows computing experience without the cost or hassle.

Hardware Agnostic

Lightweight, Linux-Based OS

Enterprise Grade Security



Easy to Manage

Standardized Endpoints

Out of the box deployment

Stay on the very cutting-edge of VDI and Cloud technologies.

Partners and Technology Integrations

We boast a massive family of partners, including technology leaders Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, Nutanix, and LG, in order to ensure that our customers have the widest range of technology integrations available to them on the planet.

Stratodesk NoTouch Ecosystem Diagram


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