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What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

DaaS is a form of end user computing where the desktop instance is in the Cloud instead of on your on premises server or endpoint device itself. It is very similar to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure –the main difference being in the case of DaaS, the infrastructure is not housed by the company and not managed by the company’s IT staff but instead it is provided offsite by a third party, Cloud service provider in their own data center, and the Desktops are “rented” out on demand.

The advantages of DaaS stem from this offloading of the burden on the organization or company and putting the full weight of maintaining and hosting VDI on the Cloud solution provider that already specializes in maintaining their own servers. With DaaS, you are effectively able to boost security, reliability, and performance across your network without investing extra IT staff hours into an on premises server. By providing Cloud-based desktops to employees, DaaS turns the endpoint device into a conduit for the desktop hosted by the Cloud provider. This means that all data and apps are securely stored not on the device itself, but in the Cloud.

What are the Benefits of DaaS?

DaaS and VDI share many similarities. Both are a great way to ensure an efficient and secure endpoint networking environment for your workers and employees to get their work done. But which is right for your use case? There are a few scenarios where it wouldn’t make sense to invest in an entire VDI on premises. In fact, for many, the move to the Cloud might be just the right choice to overcome the high financial entry bar required for VDI. A few reasons DaaS might be the right solution for you include:

Flexibility and Costs

DaaS is great for those who need a more flexible VDI solution or those looking to save on costs. In fact, one of the most significant advantages of DaaS is cost savings for companies and organizations of any size. DaaS provides virtualized desktops on an operational basis. This means that you only pay a subscription fee per desktop licensed and not in perpetuity. It is a more cost effective way to leverage virtual desktops than the perpetual license model inherent to VDI.

This is also a great fit for organizations that foresee a fluctuation in the amount of desktops they will need over any given time. Simply deactivate the subscription for the desktops you no longer need, or easily ramp up the number of desktops in your network when needed.


Server failures can have massive consequences, especially for enterprises. Why not remove the risk of server failure? Many Cloud providers will guarantee 24/7 service coverage. Not that they can guarantee that their servers won’t ever experience a failure. But in the case of a server failure, they can simply piggy-back your virtual desktops off another server that they have in house. By choosing a cloud hosted VDI, you may very well be bypassing the consequences of a serious server failure.

Increase Security

When information, apps and desktops are hosted in the Cloud, it adds an important security layer to your organization’s network and removes the need to house important data on the endpoint device, or even inside the organization’s own server. For this reason, you want to make sure to choose a secure solution provider so you know your data and information is safe in the Cloud.

Reduce Maintenance

Maintenance is costly in typical VDI deployments. DaaS can help reduce the time you spend maintaining your VDI by pushing the work onto your Cloud solution provider. This does not, however, remove the maintenance and work done on the endpoint level. IT still needs a solution capable of running on and managing endpoint devices –one other than the typical Windows option which still creates too much complexity.

The #1 Endpoint OS and Management Solution for DaaS

As you can see, there are many benefits from DaaS –yet without a proper endpoint OS and management solution, organizations can quickly lose these benefits due to malware/antivirus contracts on their endpoints, IT man hours spent on upkeep for endpoints and more. Luckily, NoTouch is an all-in-one solution for DaaS that allows enterprises and organizations to harness the full effective of their Cloud based VDI deployment

NoTouch Desktop for DaaS provides an OS and management solution for your entire cloud hosted VDI without the need for Windows. NoTouch, in fact, replaces Windows with a maintenance free, Linux based OS that can be easily installed onto thousands of endpoints instantaneously. This effectively negates common security hacks and exploits likely to target x86 or ARM based devices –including any third party apps that you wouldn’t want installed on your devices. It also removes the need for redundant IT overhead and pricey antivirus contracts.

You can learn more about NoTouch for DaaS by visiting our solutions page.

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