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Teradici Cloud Access Software

Greater flexibility and choice with support for multicloud environments

Stratodesk partners with Teradici to deliver advanced end user computing and management to your Cloud deployment. With Stratodesk software, you can supercharge your Cloud desktops with the minimal footprint, Linux based NoTouch OS. Manage as many endpoints as you need from the convenience of one location with Stratodesk NoTouch Center.

Enterprises Face Several Obstacles Deploying Their Cloud Desktops

High IT Costs

To deliver the best user experience with the least IT hassle and resource waste, enterprises need to have a standardized end user computing approach. Without standardized endpoints, enterprises will spend vasts amounts of cash on security updates and Windows fixes. Not to mention the countless IT staff hours required to manage devices.

Upfront Investment in Hardware

To ensure an effective computing environment, enterprises often resort to making massive investments in brand new PC hardware. New Thin Clients, PCs and laptops are pricey – especially when completely overhauling an entire endpoint network.

Management Complexity

Even after purchasing new hardware, IT still needs to manage and update Windows or a combination of Windows and Linux operating systems on multiple, disparate devices.

The Benefits of NoTouch Desktop

NoTouch Desktop is the endpoint OS and management solution for your Teradici Cloud Access Software deployment. Complete with the latest Teradici PCoIP Client included, NoTouch Desktop migrates your existing Windows PC into a hassle free and easy to manage Thin Client.

Teradici PCoIP Client

Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS has the latest Teradici PCoIP Client already included.

Increases Security and Saves Money

With Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop, enterprises can cancel malware/antivirus contracts and save money. Because NoTouch OS is Linux based, it is impervious to common security exploits that plague Windows endpoints.

Use Current Hardware

NoTouch PC Conversion allows enterprises to leverage existing hardware. Stratodesk NoTouch software enables IT to convert old and new devices alike into zero attack surface, NoTouch Thin Clients.

Decrease Complexity

Stratodesk NoTouch Center decreases management time and complexity by enabling IT to manage their entire endpoint network from the convenience of one location.

Connect to any Private or Public Cloud with Cloud Access Software and NoTouch Desktop

Leverage PCoIP Software Client and Teradici Cloud Access Software with NoTouch Desktop and unlock unparalleled flexibility to connect to your preferred Cloud solution.

VMware And Stratodesk Partnership
Nutanix, Stratodesk Technology Partner

NoTouch OS Replaces Windows

NoTouch OS replaces the need to have Windows installed on endpoints. NoTouch can run side-by-side with Windows, inside Windows for BYOD deployments or replace Windows altogether.

Multi Monitor/Dual Screen

Stratodesk software supports enterprise critical features like Multi Monitor and Dual View, as well as H.264 decoder and Skype for Business.

Multiple Boot Options

IT gets to decide how to run NoTouch. Boot live to enable BYOD, install via a CD-ROM or Flash Drive, or instantly deploy onto thousands of devices using PXE Boot.

USB Forwarding and Smartcard Support

NoTouch supports forwarding of USB devices as well as smart card readers, including CAC readers.

NoTouch Cloud

NoTouch Center, the seamless endpoint administration solution, is available on premises or in the Cloud as NoTouch Cloud, which makes it ideal for Cloud deployments.


Teradici PCoIP

Stratodesk Collaborates with Teradici to Integrate PCoIP® Technology into NoTouch Software

Last week, we announced our recent collaboration with Teradici that brings PCoIP® technology into NoTouch…

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