VMware Horizon View

The Hassle Free Client For VMware Horizon View

What is NoTouch Desktop – in a nutshell?

  • Only 300 MB installed size – VMware Horizon View client included with Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP and USB forwarding – central management – side-by-side or instead of Windows – any hardware

NoTouch Desktop is the endpoint operating OS and endpoint management solution for your VMware Horizon View (formerly VMware View) environment, the VDI solution from VMware. Businesses worldwide have already switched to Stratodesk NoTouch – the best way to run VMware Horizon View – with Blast Extreme, PCoIP and RDP, and full USB forwarding! NoTouch Desktop migrates your existing Windows PC into a hassle free and easy to manage software thin client/VDI terminal with the newest VMware Horizon View client already included. It does not need Windows to run and can go on any PC or even third-party Thin Client devices.

  • Why maintain a full blown Windows on your PCs with the only purpose to connect via VMware Horizon View to your server environment?
  • Why pay for Windows anti-virus licenses, 3rd-party management licenses, Windows updates when switching to a Linux based endpoint is easy and painless?
  • Why worry about how to roll out VMware Horizon View clients on different versions of Windows, keeping it up-to-date?
  • Why purchase dedicated (thin client) hardware when re-purposing your existing PCs is so simple and affordable?
  • Why not benefit from an included endpoint management solution making desktop visits of support staff unnecessary

NoTouch Desktop works on old and new PCs, laptops and x86-Thin-Clients (even some ARM models) of all brands. It is the perfect way to give a new life to older hardware and makes transition into VDI with VMware much more cost effective.

But I want to buy Thin Clients…

That’s fine and NoTouch is available preloaded on different models from our partners and also runs on third-party devices. Chances are however you can not dump all your PCs in your organization and replace them with Thin Clients. Second, even older PCs are more powerful than new hardware. Why pay $ 300 to buy a box that is less powerful than the one you are trashing?
So we suggest to use your existing hardware with NoTouch as long as possible and then, when you are really ready to buy new hardware, you are still free to buy what you want: Any Thin Client brand, any PC brand… NoTouch is not tied to a specific hardware so there is no vendor-lock-in.

Imagine, ANY machine, PC, TC, all with same end-user experience, same administrator experience, same management paradigm. No vendor-lock-in, no “argh this HW can only be managed with that SW”, etc.

Does NoTouch run with Windows?

NoTouch does not need Windows. It is a complete appliance based on Linux and you don’t need to have any OS or Linux skills; every aspect of the system can be centrally managed. Your choice:

  • run NoTouch side-by-side/dual-boot with Windows (we call it live boot)
  • install NoTouch on a system’s hard drive or flash drive, effectively wiping Windows out
  • run NoTouch inside a virtual machine in a Windows OS, e.g. to provide a clear boundary between user-controlled Windows (BYOD – bring your own device situation) and company-controlled NoTouch

Not sure if your hardware is good to go? How about these minimal requirements:

  • PC / Thin Client device
  • 500 MHz or more
  • 128 MB memory (RAM)

That’s it! Give it a try – download our free trial version!

Can you PXE-boot?

Yes, all is ready to go. We are sure to have the most sophisticated PXE environment ever. We ship a virtual appliance that contains a PXE server for your datacenter and NoTouch endpoint instances can be satellite PXE servers (!) in remote locations. The virtual appliance also hosts NoTouch Center, the central management console.

Stratodesk-VA-Management Stratodesk-VA-Console

Sounds interesting – what are the benefits for me again?

  • Get a small-footprint OS for VMware Horizon View endpoints – with Blast Extreme and PCoIP support; without any 3rd-party dependencies, not even a Windows operating system
  • Run it on existing and new hardware, run it on PCs and various Thin Clients; don’t even think about which machines are capable or not: they are ALL capable!
  • Don’t let yourself being locked in by a traditional Thin Client vendor – separate hardware from software, retain or freedom to decide what hardware brand you want to buy, whenever you are ready to do so
  • Decide how you run it: installed on a hard drive, live from PXE/network, live from USB, live from CD-ROM and retain the freedom to change your mind at any time
  • Cancel your antivirus and Windows-PC-management-software contracts and save big bucks
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of a maintenance free endpoint solution
  • Enjoy the even greater peace of mind of a secure endpoint solution

What about pricing?

Just one price – that includes the endpoint OS, the management, the PXE virtual appliance. No hidden fees or cost.

Stratodesk Corp. is based in San Francisco, California with a central European field office in Austria. We know what we are doing and have an excellent track record. Testimonials available. As an official VMware partner we have access to VMware development software, Blast Extreme and the PCoIP client that is not publicly available.

I am ready to give it a try, but how do I start?

Click on the free trial button, fill out the form to get everything you need! Free Trial