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Weekly Update: Education VDI, Nutanix Frame, Raspberry Pis and IoT

Education VDI, Nutanix Frame, IoT In Retail, Raspberry PIs Everywhere

Greetings from Stratodesk, and happy December! Featured prominently in this week’s update are Raspberry Pis –everyone’s favorite most versatile and cost effective motherboard. Not only do we share exciting and unexpected ways that you can use the Raspberry Pi as a solution for IoT, but we also share how leading companies use the platform to power solutions for the enterprise. We also would like to highlight Stratodesk news including our new partnership with Nutanix, a new paper on Education VDI, and a few new videos we’ve shared to our YouTube channel.

Enjoy these Raspberry Pi goodies, news from Stratodesk, our partners, and hot topics focused on the IoT!

Awesome Raspberry Pi projects for you to try in December

It’s the end of the year –you deserve to indulge in a passion project, even if only for a few weeks. And what better way than to experiment with these handy home improvement projects using the Raspberry Pi!

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‘How To’ Explainer Videos Answer Stratodesk Software FAQs

Want to know how to use NoTouch Desktop to manage your entire VDI from one location? Click the link above for answers to your most frequently asked questions about Stratodesk software.

House Passes SMART IoT Act

The House passed the SMART IoT Act on Wednesday in order to address how the IoT will be regulated in the future. Find out what else is addressed in the new bill by clicking the link below.

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How to Tell Which IoT Predictions to Pay Attention To 

Every year, IoT companies issue their predictions about the IoT market in the years to come. How do you separate the fluff from the fascinating? This article explores tell-tale signs that the IoT prediction you are reading might be less than accurate.

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Stratodesk in the News

Stratodesk is excited to announce that its flagship product, NoTouch, now supports Nutanix Frame to bring next-generation endpoint computing and automated management to cloud deployments.

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How Stratodesk Solves Challenges Facing Education VDI

Education VDI faces significant challenges in deploying an effective VDI. Among these challenges are overcoming the Windows difficulty, security, reliability, managing endpoints across multiple sites, and user roles that separate students from faculty and staff. In our recent white paper, we dive into these issues and show you how Stratodesk overcomes common obstacles facing education VDI.

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Raspberry Pi as a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops thin client: second helping

Take a look at this in-depth analysis of the Citrix Ready workspace hub, the Raspberry Pi based endpoint powered by NoTouch OS, enhanced by Citrix Casting, and available for purchase from our partners ViewSonic and NComputing.

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That’s it for this week’s news update. For more stories like these, follow us on Twitter, and stay current with our blog for the latest news from Stratodesk and the worlds of Healthcare IT, VDI, IoT, the Cloud, and EUC.


Stratodesk Gears Up for .NEXT in London

Your .NEXT Frame Endpoint is Here! We are excited to exhibit at .NEXT this year…

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