NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center screenshot - superior endpoint managementNoTouch Center, a browser based administration software helps IT administrators to manage, configure and update repurposed PCs, Thin Clients, laptops and Raspberry Pi TCs from one place. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be set up fast and configured and kept in sync very easily. It supports multiple user roles, monitoring, asset management / inventory, helpdesk and other features you can expect only from an enterprise-grade product like NoTouch Center.

NoTouch Center is truly the most advanced platform in the VDI field. It has been built to be a system administrator’s tool solving real world problems and automating actual workflows, not a marketer’s tool that looks nice but essentially doesn’t get the job done.

NoTouch Center is the last endpoint management platform you’ll ever install. In fact, it makes all these other consoles obsolete that you need for HP, Dell, various “B-brand” Thin Clients or Windows. You can upgrade all your endpoints with NoTouch OS and then use NoTouch Center to manage them.

NoTouch Center Highlights

Easy Extensible Enterprise
  • 1-Minute Deployment
  • Visual Inheritance
  • Clear group structure
  • Manage all endpoints
  • Auto-assign new endpoints
  • Scripting and Plugins
  • Secure & Scalable
  • HA/DR, Cloud
  • Inventory & Helpdesk

NoTouch Center is a superb companion for NoTouch OS, the world’s most advanced Thin Client OS that runs on x86 PCs, laptops, Thin Clients, as well as the Raspberry Pi.

Features & Benefits in detail

Features Benefits
One for all – hardware agnostic Manage all your clients remotely from one single platform. Change settings, apply settings to the whole group, group clients and update or reboot your clients without visiting any user’s desktop. Manages converted PCs, Thin Clients of various brands, x86 and Raspberry Pi.
Browser-based The browser-based NoTouch Center is accessible from everywhere via web browser.
Crisp, clear data model While other vendors bug you with a quagmire of “settings” and “profiles” and “modules”, this solution is based on a super-simple yet powerful data model
Inheritance and Subgroups Inheritance and value overrides, clearly visualized. Unlimited subgroups.
Multi-User Support and Rights Management NoTouch Center offers user management for diverse administration tasks. NoTouch supports your Microsoft® Active Directory or Novell® eDirectory (LDAP integration).
Real-time Monitoring & Tactical Overview The dashboard shows you a tactical overview of your system at a glance and enables you to easily drill down into data like the system load, distribution of images, and article numbers.
Sysadmin friendly GUI This is a system administrator’s tool and it is designed to make sysadmin’s work easy. We hate it as much as you do when software is complex and vendors think they can solve this with some eye-candy only.
Asset Management & Peripheral Inventory Stratodesk’s Asset Management is more than just a standard inventory. See what peripherals like monitors or USB sticks and others are plugged into NoTouch devices. See all your peripherals at a glance in location near you and far away.
Flexible Reporting Tool With the flexible reporting tool you are able to analyze your system and use templates such as hardware inventory lists. Reports can be generated and automatically sent by email at scheduled times.
Scripting You don’t need it. But it is good to know you can if you want. Plug in your favorite scripting language and get going with our easy examples. JavaScript, Python, Lua are even included!
Job Scheduling Job scheduling enables the system administrator to comfortably execute actions at predefined times.
Flexible deployment options Get up and running in one minute:

  • A handy OVA or VHD with everything included: Stratodesk Virtual Appliance
  • Windows Setup.exe in case you prefer Windows
  • NoTouch.Cloud – no installation necessary, it is run in the cloud in a datacenter near you. No firewall issues with integrating teleworkers
Scalability SQL database driven, supports clustered DBs. Efficient database design supporting 100000+ devices managed per instance
HA/DR High Availability/Disaster Recovery solution built in at no extra cost
Secure, robust protocol Secure and efficient HTTPS based combined push/pull protocol minimizing data transfer, utilizing most modern WebSocket technologies. Works over the Internet, certificate validation.
On-Premise Discovery Automatic discovery on workgroup and corporate levels, e.g. via easy tcmgr DNS host name
Off-Premise Discovery Easily integrate remote workers – cloud-based discovery and group assignment
Remote Actions Instant actions on clients such as reboot, message send, audio play
Helpdesk integration Client identification, predefined helpdesk access role, and built-in screen shadowing in NoTouch OS

All this while other vendors still require you to modify complex INI-type files or to set up weird so-called “profiles”. Ouch. But This is by far not all – there is much more to discover – simply get the free trial, see below.

Keep in mind, NoTouch Center can manage every endpoint. PCs, Laptops, Raspberry Pi, Thin Clients from HP/Dell/Wyse and the smaller brands.

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