NoTouch Center

Central Management: NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center screenshot - superior endpoint managementNoTouch Center, a browser based administration software helps IT administrators to manage, configure and update repurposed PCs, Thin Clients and laptops from one place. By supporting inheritance of settings, groups can be set up fast and configured and kept in sync very easily. It supports multiple user roles, monitoring, asset management / inventory, helpdesk and other features you can expect only from an enterprise-grade product like NoTouch Center.

Simplify your IT management

  • Central Management
    Manage all your clients remotely from one single device. Change setting, apply settings to the whole group, group clients and update or reboot your clients without visiting any user’s desktop.
  • Browser-based tool
    The browser-based NoTouch Center is accessible from every device with web browser.
  • Multi-User Support and Rights Management
    NoTouch Center offers user management for diverse administration tasks. No Touch supports your Microsoft® Active Directory or Novell® eDirectory.
  • Real-time Monitoring & Tactical Overview
    The dashboard shows you a tactical overview of your system at a glance and enables you to easily drill down into data like the system load, distribution of images, and article numbers.
  • Asset Management & Peripheral Inventory
    Stratodesk’s Asset Management is more than just a standard inventory. See what peripherals like monitors or USB sticks and others are plugged into NoTouch devices. See all your peripherals at a glance in location near you and far away.
  • Flexible Reporting Tool
    With the flexible reporting tool you are able to analyze your system and use templates such as hardware inventory lists. Reports can be generated and automatically sent by email at scheduled times.
  • Job Scheduling
    Job scheduling enables the system administrator to comfortably execute actions at predefined times.

What does it need to run?

NoTouch Center comes preinstalled in our Linux-based Virtual Appliance or it can be installed on 32- and 64-bit Windows systems via a setup.exe-type installer. Both the Virtual Appliance and the Windows installer include everything that’s needed; optionally one can make use of Oracle, Microsoft SQL or MySQL databases.

Technical benefits

  • Scales extremely well
  • Auto-discovery and auto-grouping
  • No broadcast operation, works over subnet boundaries, WAN and even the Internet
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL based communication

Managing third-party Thin Clients

NoTouch Center™ can manage third-party Thin Client devices. Just install NoTouch Desktop on these machines – it instantly “upgrades” these machines, whatever was on them before…