NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS – a lean operating system for VDI/SBC/HVD endpoints

Turn your old endpoint devices (PCs and laptops) into new, secure and virus proof, centrally manageable thin client devices that can connect to your server-based desktops (e.g. VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server, Oracle Secure Global Desktop and others), cloud hosted desktops or centrally hosted applications out of the box.

With NoTouch Desktop you can

  • Re-use your old desktop hardware
  • Extend the life your existing hardware and secure your investment
  • Get all the benefits of thin client computing without buying new hardware
  • Save on management costs

NoTouch Desktop – The Solution to Rule Them All

NoTouch Desktop is a two-part solution to solve your hardware legacy problems:

Your endpoint OS: NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS is the endpoint operating system to repurpose your existing hardware and connect to Citrix, VMware and other VDI environments.

It is hardware agnostic and requires minimal hardware to run. How minimal? How about this:

  • PC / Laptop / Thin Client device
  • 500 MHz or more (1 GHz recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

Basically, if your PCs were built after 2000, you’re probably good to go.

How does NoTouch OS work?

  • Full hard drive installation (wipes out the existing OS)
  • USB Boot (live boot mode – OS on hard drive will be untouched)
  • PXE Boot

NoTouch is as easy as trying out our FREE TRIAL. The trial version comes with a five client licensing and you can literally set up your thin client group in an afternoon.

Why NoTouch OS is the right OS for your hardware

  • Future Proofs Your Desktop
    Use your old hardware but get all advantaged of a new thin client. Works on nearly every hardware configuration, even stuff that hasn’t invented yet.
  • Easy To Set Up
    NoTouch OS is easy to set up, configure, and manage. Sessions can easily be configured out of the box with the integrated installer.
  • Highly Flexible With Many Connection Options
    No Touch Operating System connects to a wide range of terminal services and virtual desktops e.g. Microsoft Terminal Services, VMware Horizon View with Blast Extreme, PCoIP, Citrix XenDesktop, Quest vWorkspace and many others. Control everything from your browser!
  • Freedom from Legacy Drag and Software Bloat
    Ditch the “every PC is an island” approach and use one single operating system for your entire VDI network – and run it from your server! Skip the Frankenstein hardware upgrades to your aging PCs – most of your existing PCs endpoints will easily meet our minimal hardware requirements!
  • Centrally Manageable
    Employees no longer need to be amateur IT sleuths to keep their workstations running smoothly. All PCs devices are controlled with NoTouch’s integrated management tool NoTouch Center. Never ask your employees to tinker with their PCs again.