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Sustainable IT with Stratodesk

Stratodesk revolutionizes the global work environment by extending hardware lifespan, optimizing resources, and reducing energy consumption. This actively reduces your carbon footprint and saves on your IT budget.

Sustainable IT

Reduce Waste

Reduce power consumption, by installing Stratodesk NoTouch on your endpoints.

Invest in laptops and PCs that offer energy-saving capabilities.

Save energy by enabling power management settings to automatically hibernate or shut down idle devices.

Enable secure remote access to work computers, eliminating extra hardware and reducing energy consumption.

Reuse Hardware

Reuse your current devices through PC Repurposing.

Upgrade hardware components like thin clients and the device's pre-installed OS by installing Stratodesk NoTouch OS to extend the device's life.

Equip users with secure and quick access to apps and data from anywhere.


Join forces with a reputable e-waste recycling partner to environmentally dispose of your outdated laptops and PCs.

Work with manufacturers that offer take-back programs for end-of-life devices.

Harness the power of cloud-based solutions to eliminate the necessity for physical storage and hardware, leading to a significant reduction in e-waste.

Our Green Partners

For more than a decade, Stratodesk has been dedicated to forging eco-friendly collaborations with industry leaders such as LG, Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Together, we strive to minimize carbon footprints and provide IT teams with sustainable choices.

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