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Discover useful and informative content that further describes Stratodesk’s solutions.

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BPO and VDI Whitepaper
Tech Fusion Podcast
NoTouch OS running on Raspberry Pi 400
Stratodesk Products and Solutions PDF
Deploying Certificates with NoTouch Cenetr
Stratodesk and XenTegra Webinar
iQor a business process outsourcing (BPO) use case
Citrix and Stratodesk solution for remote work with VDI
Microsoft WVD
Stratodesk Quick Start
Remote Work for Enterprises and Stratodesk
How To Deploy Inuvika with Stratodesk
Stratodesk technology partner, Inuvika
Stratodesk Cloud Xtension
Remote Workplace Collaboration with Stratodesk and Citrix - Video
Windows Virtual Desktop
Stratusphere Inttegration
vdi and bpo

iQor – VDI BPO Case Study

Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2020
Stratodesk and Liquidware software for work from home
Bank VDI Case Study
LG and Stratodesk Partnership
Podcast - Why Citrix, Stratodesk and NComputing image
Stratodesk and ThinPrint
NoTouch OS PXE Installation
NoTouch GO Video
Stratodesk NoTouch GO
Installing NoTouch OS
NoTouch Software Advanteges
Who is Stratodesk?

What is Stratodesk?

NoTouch Velma Lakes White Paper
Stratodesk innovations for citrix workspace hub
letude de cas client legers
cloud xtension
Simplify Multi-Tenant Endpoint Management with Stratodesk Software
Access Control List (ACL)

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