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How to Enable Disk Encryption in Stratodesk NoTouch

Stratodesk’s Disk Encryption can transparently encrypt the writable portion of the local storage medium on client devices where Stratodesk NoTouch is deployed. This means that in case of a device being stolen or illegitimately accessed, the data cannot be read. Disk Encryption can easily be switched on or off from Stratodesk NoTouch Center and can allow for two different key phrases: one from the system, and one inputted by the user, although for increased security we’d recommend the user input method as this requires them to enter a boot password before it will boot to the desktop so works in a similar way to Microsoft’s BitLocker.

Even in VDI deployments where most personal information is not stored on the endpoint device itself, with Disk Encryption, any additional data, including URLs or private network certificates, will also be encrypted. Stratodesk protects all vital information from being physically accessed by unauthorized users and offers Disk Encryption to encrypt all data on the writable portion of the disk.


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