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technopc partners with Stratodesk to ship endpoint devices with Stratodesk NoTouch OS pre-installed.

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Raspberry Pi

NoTouch OS by Stratodesk empowers Raspberry Pi to seamlessly integrate into enterprise environments, enabling efficient scalability and cost-effective solutions. Stratodesk revolutionizes the possibilities of this innovative technology, making Raspberry Pi Thin Client enterprise-ready. Check out our comprehensive integrated solutions.

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Polywell partners with Stratodesk globally to power their high quality thin clients with Stratodesk NoTouch OS.

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Stratodesk, the leader in end user computing solutions for VDI, DaaS and IoT, announced its complete integration with the NVIDIA Jetson platform in 2019.

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Enterprises using Stratodesk software on NComputing devices have access to the world-class Stratodesk support.

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LG and Stratodesk Thin Clients

LG Business Solutions

LG Electronics and Stratodesk have forged a strong alliance. Through our participation in the prestigious Stratodesk PLUS partner program, LG thin client solutions are seamlessly integrated with the cutting-edge Stratodesk NoTouch OS. This powerful combination empowers IT teams with the…

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Stratodesk and HP PArtnership


Experience the power of HP thin clients, powered by Stratodesk's NoTouch OS, delivering a secure, dependable, and high-performance solution to boost end-user productivity. Unlock access to business applications and desktops from anywhere, enabling your team to work seamlessly. HP thin…

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Stratodesk and Clear Cube partnership


ClearCube, a Stratodesk partner, is a leader in creating innovative virtual desktop and centralized computing solutions. NoTouch powers ClearCube Thin Clients.

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atrust logo


An affordable price point, unmatched quality, and plenty of options are just a few of the reasons IT leaders choose A-trust hardware.

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