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Lakeside on NoTouch OS


Lakeside, the creator of SysTrack, integrates with Stratodesk, making specific and detailed insights into endpoint management a possibility to enterprises and organizations worldwide.

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Stratodesk and Imprivata partnership.


Stratodesk partners with Imprivata to bring Single Sign-On features to your VDI or DaaS deployment. Stratodesk delivers the #1 endpoint experience for healthcare professionals.

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Stratodesk and FabulaTech partnership


Stratodesk is fully integrated with USB over Remote Desktop, providing generic USB device redirection for all users of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services via the RDP protocol.

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VMware and Stratodesk partnership


Stratodesk is VMware-certified and a member of the VDI Alliance. Blast Extreme, PCoIP and RDP protocols are supported, as is connectivity to all versions of VMware Horizon.

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Teradici and Stratodesk


Leverage PCoIP Software Client and Teradici Cloud Access Software with NoTouch Desktop and unlock unparalleled flexibility to connect to your preferred Cloud solution.

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Stratodesk and Oracle partnership


Oracle and Stratodesk work together to provide the most powerful and easiest-to-use endpoint OS for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD).

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