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Stratodesk and Oracle partnership


Oracle and Stratodesk work together to provide the most powerful and easiest-to-use endpoint OS for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD).

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Nutanix, Stratodesk Technology Partner


NoTouch integrates with Nutanix Frame to bring next generation endpoint computing and automated management to your Cloud deployment, for x86 and ARM based devices.

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inuvika partner logo


The Inuvika Enterprise Desktop Client (EDC) is preinstalled on Stratodesk NoTouch. It gives users a rich desktop and application experience on lower cost devices, including Raspberry Pi.

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Citrix is a premier Stratodesk partner and industry leader in server based computing (SBC) and desktop virtualization (VDI) solutions. Stratodesk offer day-one updates for Citrix Workspace App.

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Amazon Workspaces

Stratodesk partners with AWS to support customers using AWS Workspaces. NoTouch OS delivers a streamlined user experience for endpoints connecting to AWS workspaces while reducing management costs and increasing security.

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technopc partners with Stratodesk to ship endpoint devices with Stratodesk NoTouch OS pre-installed.

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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Foundation and Stratodesk partner together to enable Raspberry Pi as Thin Client endpoint for enterprises.

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Polywell partners with Stratodesk globally to power their high quality thin clients with Stratodesk NoTouch OS.

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Stratodesk, the leader in end user computing solutions for VDI, DaaS and IoT, announced its complete integration with the NVIDIA Jetson platform in 2019.

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