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ControlUp is a leader in the Digital Employee Experience (DEX ) segment with a focus on the overall experience of users connecting to virtual and physical environments. Stratodesk and ControlUp partner to deliver complete solutions including support for both key…

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VMware and Stratodesk partnership


Stratodesk and VMware have cultivated a dynamic and collaborative partnership for more than ten years, dedicated to advancing joint technology, customized solutions for specific industry sectors, and united go-to-market strategies. Stratodesk NoTouch OS is certified with VMware Horizon and VMware…

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Leverage PCoIP Software Client and Teradici Cloud Access Software with NoTouch Desktop and unlock unparalleled flexibility to connect to your preferred Cloud solution. To learn more about this integration, please refer to our solution page.

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Stratodesk and Oracle partnership


Oracle and Stratodesk work together to provide the most powerful and easiest-to-use endpoint OS for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD).

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Nutanix, Stratodesk Technology Partner


NoTouch integrates with Nutanix Frame to bring next-generation endpoint computing and automated management to your Cloud deployment, for x86 and ARM-based devices. To learn more about this integration, please refer to our solution page.  

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Microsoft and Stratodesk


Stratodesk is a valued Microsoft technology partner and is working with the Microsoft engineering team to deliver integrated and optimized solutions to thousands of shared customers. Currently, the two companies collaborate in support of Microsoft’s latest implementations in the Azure…

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inuvika partner logo


The Inuvika Enterprise Desktop Client (EDC) comes preinstalled on Stratodesk NoTouch, providing a rich desktop and application experience on lower-cost devices, such as the Raspberry Pi. To learn more about this integration, please refer to our solution page.

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Stratodesk and Citrix have formed a powerful partnership spanning more than a decade, dedicated to providing customers with the ultimate end-user experience. Together, we strive to create a secure, efficient, and cost-effective remote workspace solution that enhances productivity and user…

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Amazon Workspaces

We have formed a strategic partnership with AWS to offer seamless support to customers utilizing AWS Workspaces. Our revolutionary NoTouch OS ensures a seamless and efficient user experience for endpoints connecting to AWS workspaces. Not only does it significantly reduce…

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