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Stratodesk NoTouch Resources

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Stratodesk Customer Testimonial
vmware horizon thin client
Raspberry Pi Thin Client
Scott Lane
Philip Johnson of LG Electronics US
Nick Casagrand _ LGL Recycling
Tobias Kreidl Synergy 2019 Interview
LGL Recycling
NoTouch Shadowing
Chris Fleck on the Stratodesk
VMware Horizon Endpoint White Paper
Stratodesk Works with Citrix and ViewSonic to Lead Gaston County into the Future of Work
NoTouch Thin Clients
NoTouch Thin Clients
LG Thin Clients with NoTouch OS
IoT Management
Device Management
Stratodesk and Citrix at Himss 2019
Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop is Nutanix Ready
Stratodesk PC Repurposing Whitepaper
Stratodesk NoTouch Center
Update NoTouch OS
NoTouch OS Licensing
VDI for Education – Whitepaper
Running Global Operations with Multiple Locations
NoTouch Center Video
Stratodesk at Educause - Brochure
South County Health
Espírito Santo Saúde VDI implementation by Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop
Citrix Ready Workspace Hub
Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd. (Clal Group)
VDI solution for healthcare
Stratodesk Logo Requirements
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