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Why Stratodesk NoTouch OS?

Experience the Leading Thin Endpoint OS

NoTouch OS provides cutting-edge endpoint OS that offers unmatched adaptability and seamless integration with any digital workspace.

It is the most advanced, ultra-secure, thin endpoint operating system for connecting to your preferred VDI or cloud environment. Capable of running equally well on either older existing desktop hardware or the most cutting-edge Thin Client, Laptop, PC, and Raspberry Pi devices.

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Enterprise Grade Security

NoTouch OS enhances VDI security, eliminating common threats without malware software. It is Linux-based and immune to cyber threats targeting PCs, laptops, Thin Clients, or Raspberry Pis.

Hardware Agnostic

NoTouch OS is compatible with a wide range of hardware, including laptops, PCs, Thin Clients, and Raspberry Pis. It provides a universal experience across all devices.


Customize and seamlessly log in and out of Windows sessions, just like on a native device. Easily configure from your management software or local device.

Zero Maintenance

Experience hassle-free maintenance with NoTouch OS. Eliminate the need for constant upkeep once you install NoTouch OS.

Consistent updates

We are constantly enhancing our product, keeping pace with the latest Citrix and VMware updates, to deliver a state-of-the-art experience for our valued customers.

NoTouch OS Benefits

Convert any PC, Laptop, Thin Client, or Raspberry Pi device into a Thin Endpoint – NoTouch OS is 100% hardware agnostic

Experience the seamless deployment of NoTouch OS across thousands of devices in an instant

Supports healthcare critical features including Imprivata SSO, FUS, and Fingerprint Authentication

Complete access to cloud-hosted and server-based infrastructure – VMware View, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and more

Repurpose new and existing endpoints into NoTouch OS –no capital purchase of hardware required

Protect your VDI with enterprise-grade security immune to hackers, viruses, and other security risks

Sustainable IT with Stratodesk

Stratodesk revolutionizes the global work environment by extending hardware lifespan, optimizing resources, and reducing energy consumption. This actively reduces your carbon footprint and saves on your IT budget.

Streamline Unified Communications

Unified communication technologies are becoming a crucial part of digital transformation for many enterprises. Remote and hybrid work arrangements rely heavily on these tools, which is why Stratodesk offers support for the latest versions of leading platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Avaya, and more.

Enhance your VDI experience with NoTouch OS, powering our high-performance Thin Client for enterprise-grade VDI on Raspberry Pi.

How is the NoTouch OS implemented and deployed?

Full hard drive installation

NoTouch OS installs onto your device bare metal. You don’t need Windows installed on your device to run NoTouch OS, and installing NoTouch will replace any existing OS on your hardware.

Live Boot and BYOD Support

Empower your workers to connect to your network at home or on the go. Simply boot NoTouch from a USB stick and get full access to your VDI session without any effect on your native OS.

PXE Boot

Install NoTouch OS to thousands of devices instantly using PXE boot. Enable enterprise-grade rollouts and save time by using PXE boot install directly from your server.

NoTouch OS on Raspberry Pi

NoTouch OS is a cutting-edge Thin Client OS for the Raspberry Pi, transforming it into a high-performing endpoint, pioneered by Stratodesk.

Get a Free Trial

NoTouch is leading the way in intelligent VDI/Cloud endpoint management. Start your free trial today.


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