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Desktop Virtualization for Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations face a unique challenge because of the flexibility and mobility required for their end users. End users are often moving from worksite to worksite. Organizations need a solution that is going to work for them from place to place, and manage them offline or on the go, as fluidly as if they were sitting within an office with a secure on premise VDI.

Problems Facing Manufacturing companies include:

A highly mobile workforce

End users are on the go moving from site to site. Managing this in a typical VDI with windows installed locally can be a pain point for system admins.

Multiple Work Sites

Any given organization will have multiple work sites. It isn’t cost effective to deploy an on-prem VDI at each site.


With so many moving pieces, it takes a special OS and management solution to ensure flexibility and security.


The cost is too high to branch out to additional work sites.

NoTouch Desktop is the most advanced and flexible solution for your organization’s VDI. Solve VDI problems in manufacturing by using our advanced Thin OS and management solution

Empower your workforce on the go

Wherever your workforce might be, allow them easy and secure access to your network.

Protect vital data

Your data doesn’t ever need to leave your server. NoTouch OS installs onto your endpoint devices bare metal and eliminates the need for any locally installed windows to be installed.

Manage all your sites from one location

No matter where your workers are, you won’t need a management solution installed on that individual premise. Easily manage multiple worksites from NoTouch Center, installed on your server.

Manage Offline Workers as Easily as Your LAN

NoTouch Desktop enables the most flexible management experience without sacrificing security. Allow your workers to access needed data offline, and manage them as they move between worksites.

Easily Scalable

NoTouch OS can scale up indefinitely. Remove obstacles and increase ROI by repurposing your devices into high performing endpoints. Incorporate Raspberry Pi devices with NoTouch Center’s management capabilities –the only management solution capable of managing a network of both x86 devices and Raspberry Pis.

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