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Stratodesk NoTouch for POS Virtualization

Virtualize your POS applications effortlessly with Stratodesk NoTouch, whether on-premises or in the Cloud. Deploy NoTouch OS on your POS machines for seamless connectivity to any VDI operating system (Win7 Win10 / Linux), ensuring smooth transactions without the need for a locally installed Windows instance.

Secure Central Management

Extended POS machine lifecycle

Enhanced Customer Experience

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Avoid Vendor Lockin (No Windows)

More Reliable POS Transactions

Cloud Based Management

Robust Integrations

Stratodesk software not only enhances the user experience for end users and customers but also simplifies management and maintenance. Moreover, it is compatible with any device, eliminating the need to purchase new POS machines. By leveraging Stratodesk software, your POS machines will operate more efficiently, be easier to manage, and enjoy a longer lifecycle.

The Next Big Thing In POS Virtualization is Here – It’s Called NoTouch OS.

Retailers all around the world are joining the virtualization revolution. 70% of retailers that have not yet introduced POS Virtualization into their stores plan to do so in the next two years.

In a post-retail apocalypse world, POS virtualization stands out as a clear way stores can stand out and even gain an advantage. That’s because POS virtualization offers several clear benefits including reduced startup costs, better management options, and anti-fraud/increased security.

But how do you enable seamless and secure connection to an effective management tool and connection to virtual instances in your on-premises server or cloud-based infrastructure?

Enable Management for All Endpoints Devices Anywhere in the World

Your POC devices might be spread out across stores around the country – maybe even in locations around the world. Stratodesk software makes managing these devices easy. Once Stratodesk NoTouch OS is easily deployed onto all of your endpoint devices they are ready to connect to Stratodesk NoTouch Center. Once connected, you can make changes and updates to your devices in real time.

Stratodesk NoTouch Center makes managing POC endpoints seamless. Set user roles, and manage both x86 and Raspberry Pi devices in the same environment, side-by-side, with a few clicks!

POS Devices Management

Peripherals Support

Stratodesk software also handles peripherals, making managing them easy for IT, and using them easy for end users. That includes USB, barcode scanners, GPIO peripherals, Bluetooth, camera, cash dispenser, coupon reader, MSR, and more!

Prevent Vital Security From Getting Into the Wrong Hands.

Instead of Windows on POS devices, run NoTouch. NoTouch OS is Linux-based. That means it is more secure than both Windows and Mac operating systems. NoTouch prevents unwanted, third party applications. Additionally, it doesn’t require countless IT resources to update and secure. Updates, configurations, and changes can be made from the safety and security of one location.

Stratodesk exceeds the needs of modern-day retail infrastructure.

Our software lets you leverage the cutting-edge by delivering the one and only multi-platform, multi-cloud solution for the retail edge.

Meet Your Bottom Line

Ready and able to face today’s threat horizon.

The Smartest Solution

All devices, everywhere – configurations and control at the flick of a wrist.

Immutably Secure

Improve your store operations, and cut costs to serve, thanks to improved user experience and top-notch performance.

Tailored for Modern Retail

High performance and PCI compliant, while delivering a flavor of Windows and working efficiently with multiple retail workloads.

Automated, Innovated, Accelerated

Automate redundant, everyday work processes, innovate POC management and accelerate adoption of future, cutting edge technologies.


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