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NoTouch GO Datasheet

Stratodesk NoTouch GO

Stratodesk NoTouch GO, with NoTouch OS included, is the preeminent solution for the mobile workforce. No larger than the size of a quarter, the new micro USB key – based PC Conversion solution extends the functionality of existing x86 hardware while enabling secure, remote work.

NoTouch GO allows enterprises and organizations to take advantage of unparalleled end user computing mobility for VDI, IoT and Cloud workspaces. Incredibly lightweight, this next-evolution micro client is complete with 8GB of memory and Stratodesk’s secure, award-winning operating system, NoTouch OS, preloaded. Workers can simply plug their NoTouch GO into any x86 device and temporarily boot up into a fully secure Stratodesk work environment. Users can easily and conveniently access all the apps and data they need no matter where in the world they happen to be.

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