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Simplify Multi-Tenant Endpoint Management for MSPs

Simplify Multi-Tenant Endpoint Management with Stratodesk Software

The hardest thing for Cloud Desktop MSPs is that most businesses are using a vast array of different endpoint devices and operating systems, some old, some cutting edge and brand new. These include: standard office PCs, x86 Thin Clients, laptops, Intel Nucs, Raspberry Pis, gaming PCs and beyond.

All of these different devices create a Management Nightmare. But how do MSPs ensure maximum productivity across each and every remote work site?

Customers around the world use Stratodesk software to cut costs and streamline management processes that used to take weeks down to mere minutes. With several important new offerings on the table – Stratodesk NoTouch Cloud, NoTouch GO, and Cloud Xtension, more than ever before, MSPs have a truly end-to-end management solution.

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