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The Citrix Ready Workspace Hub – Reinventing Endpoint User Computing

The Citrix Ready Workspace Hub

For many companies, making sure workers have what they need to stay productive means managing a mixed environment of not only PCs, Thin Clients, and ARM based devices, but also smartphones and tablets for workers on the go, or those who bring their own devices. What if one endpoint device could deliver the benefits of of all these devices, and work equally well with them, without costing a fortune?

The Citrix Ready Workspace Hub is such a device. This low cost high performance device allows you to harness the full benefit of your mixed environment, scale it, and even replace the need for outdated processes like manual password entry and desk phones. By working cohesively with your existing hardware, the Workspace Hub elevates your workspace and supplies a powerful and scalable endpoint.

Introducing the Next Generation Endpoint Device

Stratodesk is the creator of the operating system for the Workspace Hub, has made it enterprise grade, and is the mastermind behind the central management software that enables you to manage both x86 and Workspace Hub devices from one location. Its advanced capabilities and low price point make the Citrix Ready Workspace a next generation endpoint device, and perhaps even the greatest endpoint device of all.

With the Workspace Hub, you can effectively replace your desk phones and Desktop PCs. And thanks to Citrix’s advanced technology, you can easily and efficiently stream your Citrix session onto your phone, and cast it onto another device, enable proximity authentication and more.

Use cases for the Workspace Hub


Access your VDI session using advanced authentication methods like your smartphone, Face-ID or QR code to the Workspace Hub to instantly log-in. No outdated manual password entry required.


Use a combination of the Workspace Hub and a second display adapter to provide 2 HD displays.

Smart Meeting Rooms

Cast your smartphone or tablet to the Workspace Hub to display a presentation. Interact with your presentation from your mobile device. Cast your laptop screen to your Workspace Hub connected to a projector or TV. The Workspace Hub eliminates the need for multiple dongles/adapters or even Apple TVs.

Desk phone and online meetings

Replace your outdated desk phones with Skype for Business. Take it with you on the go on your smartphone or mobile device.

For these reasons and more, the Workspace Hub is the endpoint of choice for small businesses and big corporations alike. With its low cost and high performance, the Workspace Hub allows businesses to transform, scale and leverage the full power of their Citrix environment.

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