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What is a Raspberry Pi Thin Client?

We’ve discussed Thin Clients at length in our previous blog post. In that blog post, we also gave you an overview of different kinds of Thin Clients. One of these Thin Client options is the Raspberry Pi Thin Client. Also often referred to as an IoT endpoint because of its flexibility to solve innovative use cases, the Raspberry Pi Thin Client is perhaps the most advanced and progressive Thin Client device for the enterprise. Ultimately, the Raspberry Pi Thin Client device can be described as a combination of Stratodesk software and Raspberry Pi hardware.

Raspberry Pi Thin Client

Is the Raspberry Pi Enterprise Ready?

In recent years, the Raspberry Pi has garnered attention for its ability to solve many use cases. The question was raised–is the Raspberry Pi a viable platform to be a high performing Thin Client? Significant obstacles, however, existed between the popular and cost effective motherboard and its entrance into the enterprise market. It was said that the Raspberry Pi is not powerful enough for the enterprise –that no management solution with enterprise features exists for the Pi, especially not one able to incorporate various x86 and Raspberry Pi devices in the same environment. The list goes on –all suggesting that the Raspberry Pi is far too limited to be a viable alternative to x86 Thin Clients.

Since then, the Raspberry Pi has become a proven enterprise ready solution thanks to Stratodesk software.

Stratodesk Software Powers the Raspberry Pi Thin Client Device

Stratodesk’s minimal footprint OS is able to run on the Raspberry Pi motherboard. When deployed on the tiny motherboard, that motherboard becomes able to function at the level required for most enterprise VDI use cases. Because NoTouch OS comes with the clients for all major VDI environments preinstalled, the NoTouch Raspberry Pi Thin Client is ready to connect to your VDI environment as soon as the software is deployed and your Raspberry Pi device is set up.

For this reason, the Raspberry Pi is a solid option for VDI, Daas and even IoT deployments.

What Options Are There?

When it comes to NoTouch powered Raspberry Pi endpoint devices, you have several options to choose from. If you prefer a customizable, do it yourself solution, you will simply need to deploy Stratodesk software in a similar way to how you deploy our software onto x86 devices.

Some customers, however, will prefer a fully ready out of the box solution. The advantage here is pretty clear –you don’t need to do any work. Just purchase the devices you need, and they will be ready to be booted and securely connected to your network directly out of the box.

Examples of fully shippable, ready out of the box options include the Citrix Ready workspace hub and the C3 Pi. The Citrix Ready workspace hub is available from NComputing and ViewSonic, whereas the C3 Pi is available from ClearCube. Both endpoints are powered by Stratodesk software.

ClearCube Raspberry Pi Thin Client
ncomputing raspberry pi thin client
ViewSonic Raspberry Pi Thin Client

What Management Options Exist for These Devices?

Stratodesk software is able to manage both Raspberry Pi and x86 devices in the same environment. This unlocks unparalleled savings and performance benefits for businesses and organizations of all sizes. NoTouch Center, the automated management solution, can be run on premises as a VA or from the Cloud.

(What is right for you: x86 or Raspberry Pi Thin Clients?)

Manage Thin Clients

Benefits of Raspberry Pi Thin Client Devices at a Glance

There are many reasons you might prefer the Raspberry Pi. These include:

  • Cutting Costs
  • Unlocking Scalability
  • Boosting Security
  • Automating Management
  • Imprivata Support
  • Works with Node-RED and Microsoft Azure IoT

Stratodesk software is the Raspberry Pi Thin Client OS and management solution of choice for your preferred VDI environment. Transform your Raspberry Pi motherboard into an enterprise grade VDI, IoT or DaaS endpoint with NoTouch OS. NoTouch OS native Raspberry Pi Thin Clients are available from leading Thin Client innovators including NComputing, ViewSonic, and Clearcube and are fully enterprise ready out of the box.

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