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What is a Thin Client Management Solution?

A Thin Client Management solution is a solution that makes it easier for you to manage the many endpoints spread out across your entire Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Management solutions come in various shapes and forms. The best solution, however, is the one that allows you to decrease complexity while increasing manageability. What does that look like? In this blog post, we will take a deeper look at what makes a Thin Client managment software truly effective.

Manage Thin Clients

How Does it Work?

The management solution is usually housed in a convenient location for your system administrators. It might be a central location, such as your head quarters. This management solution then helps save you IT overhead. It does this by automating much of the manual management processes that were once necessary. And it can do this for thousands of devices.

With an automated management solution, things like setting groups, managing user roles and more can be done automatically from this one location.

Among the many benefits that this unlocks for your organization is the fact that by managing all endpoints from one location, you no longer need experienced technical workers at each and every site or office.

Endpoints Are Connected to Your Thin Client Management Solution

Having your endpoints connect to your central solution will help ensure the effectiveness of your endpoint management strategy. Preferably, your endpoints will be able to connect to your managment directly out of the box. In the case of NoTouch OS, endpoints are preset to announce themselves to NoTouch when they are booted. This makes connecting your endpoints fluid.

Update and Configure Endpoints

Your Thin Client management solution makes updating and configuring endpoints easy. Once your devices are connected, with a few clicks you can choose your groups. Updates are equally as straightforward, and they don’t require IT staff to go to each and every endpoint, or even each and every site where your endpoints are located.

What Devices Can You Manage?

You’ll need a software powerful and flexible enough that you can tailor it to your unique needs. Many businesses today see the advantage of having multiple different types of devices in the same network. For example, you may want to power and manage x86 Thin Clients, PCs, Laptops, and even cutting edge IoT devices in the same environment. Is this possible?

Not for most solutions. It is possible, however for Stratodesk software. Our NoTouch product suite is fully capable of managing both x86 and ARM based devices (including the Raspberry Pi) side by side in the same pane of glass.

Enabling BYOD

Bring Your Own Device is a growing IT trend. What you need to know is that it means your employees are wanting and expecting to be able to bring their own personal devices to work with them. While there are many benefits of BYOD for your workers, making it work securely is a challenge. This is another facet of your device management. Can your management solution allow for secure BYOD?

With NoTouch Desktop, BYOD is made easy. Workers simply boot NoTouch OS from a USB stick (ANY USB STICK) and have instant access to their virtual apps and desktops without damaging their underlying OS.

Cloud Based Management for DaaS Deployments

Lastly, hosting a management software on premises will not be possible for many. DaaS is becoming increasingly common as companies and organizations see the many benefits of cloud hosted desktops. Those that opt for a cloud based infrastructure will certainly want a cloud based management solution that still lets them effectively manage all of their endpoints.

Pulling it all Together

In summary, you need a Thin Client Management solution that automates manual management processes, multiple sites and thousands of devices from one location, updates and configures endpoints, works with both x86 and ARM based devices, BYOD, and is available from the Cloud.

Is your software capable of all of this?

Stratodesk NoTouch Center is. Learn more about it on our product page.

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