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What is PC Repurposing?

Although VDI is widely used for securely delivering virtual apps and desktops, many organizations still struggle overcoming the high entry bar required to deploy an effective VDI. Technical expertise and large investments in hardware and IT staff resources/time remain a major barrier preventing many from taking full advantage of the benefits VDI has to offer. An additional barrier is the Windows problem. In order to deploy an effective VDI, organizations must maintain Windows on each of their endpoint devices. This requires further investment in time and money beyond just the initial server investment.

Companies and organizations eager to reap the many rewards of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure will be glad to know that there is another option. It is in fact possible to get the full effect of VDI without overhauling your entire, existing network of endpoint devices.

How Does NoTouch PC Repurposing Help Me?

PC Repurposing allows organizations to make the leap into VDI and scale the number of devices in their network without breaking the bank. It does this by letting you leverage existing hardware and transform laptops, PCs, and Thin Clients into high performing, standardized endpoints.

What Additional Challenges Remain?

Any given PC Repurposing solution, however, will still not be enough. Todays enterprises need a secure, flexible solution that avoids vendor lock-in, and reduces the IT and cost overhead associated with patching and maintaining Windows based endpoints. This all-in-one solution must encompass both PC Repurposing and endpoint management.

How Stratodesk Software Solves These Challenges

Stratodesk enables effective PC Repurposing and endpoint management by deploying a fully Linux based OS onto the endpoint –NoTouch OS. NoTouch OS eliminates the need to house Windows on the endpoint, increases security, cuts costs, and eliminates maintenance hassle. Meanwhile, NoTouch Center, our automated management solution, is able to seamlessly manage all of your devices across multiple sites from the convenience of one location.

Does it Scale?

Stratodesk software enables your environment to scale by dramatically cutting costs and enabling you to manage an indefinite number of devices. Furthermore, NoTouch natively powers low cost devices like the Raspberry Pi Thin Client. NoTouch PC Repurposing, when combined with the Raspberry Pi Thin Client, creates a truly powerful, affordable and scalable solution for your VDI or DaaS environment.

Download the White Paper!

Our newest white paper seeks to explore the benefits of NoTouch PC Repurposing, some of the challenges facing companies and organizations that wish to make use of it, and finally, how Stratodesk software solves common challenges facing those who want to repurpose existing endpoints, even making it possible to add additional endpoints and manage both low cost hardware and repurposed devices in the same environment.

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