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Stratodesk NoTouch

Stratodesk NoTouch Center and Stratodesk NoTouch OS together are the innovative EUC endpoint software solutions letting organizations transform any PC, thin client, laptop, or Raspberry Pi device into a secure and centrally managed VDI/DaaS endpoint. Stratodesk NoTouch is a proven endpoint software for Citrix, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365, Nutanix Frame deployments, and VMware Horizon, as well as many others – on-premises or within the Cloud.

Stratodesk NoTouch OS & NoTouch Center
Stratodesk NoTouch OS & NoTouch Center
NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS

Stratodesk NoTouch OS is an endpoint operating system that works on laptops, thin clients, and Raspberry Pi devices, regardless of their hardware. It is highly adaptable and can run on any endpoint. Stratodesk NoTouch OS enables quick onboarding of remote and hybrid workers.

NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center

The management solution for Stratodesk NoTouch OS, Stratodesk NoTouch Center enables IT managers to take total control over their entire endpoint deployments. Set groups, user roles, and auto-enroll devices via Stratodesk NoTouch Center.

Technology Integrations

Stratodesk has a large and ever-growing family of leading technology partners. By working with so many, we are able to ensure the widest range of third-party integrations and solve more use cases than any other solution on the market.

Stratodesk Partner Diagram

Enterprise Add-Ons

Cloud Xtension

Stratodesk Cloud Xtension broadens NoTouch Center endpoint management through a standard internet connection to devices, in remote locations or to those used by your mobile workforce.

VPN Support

Stratodesk software supports a wide range of Virtual Private Network vendors including Cisco AnyConnect, F5, CheckPoint, Fortinet and OpenVPN.

NoTouch Cloud

Stratodesk NoTouch Cloud is the ultimate SaaS solution for seamless endpoint management. Hosted by us in a local AWS data center of your preference.

Disk Encryption

Disk Encryption is an advanced functionality able to transparently encrypt the writable portion of the local storage medium on client devices where NoTouch is deployed.

NoTouch LTS

Stratodesk NoTouch Long Term Support (LTS) delivers unparalleled security and Day One updates including the features enterprises need within their secure digital perimeter to ensure ongoing productivity without the need for full production approval testing.

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How is NoTouch Licensed?

NoTouch is licensed on a one time payment based on the total number of machines in your VDI, along with an annual subscription fee.

What are the hardware requirements for NoTouch OS?

NoTouch OS runs on 99% of all x86 desktop hardware including Intel (desktop and Atom), AMD and VIA CPUs. NoTouch OS also works on ARM based devices, including the Raspberry Pi and is the official operating system of the Citrix Workspace Hub.

How is Stratodesk NoTouch installed and deployed?

NoTouch can be booted in Live Mode (without touching the underlying OS) or installed on the device’s hard disk or flash drive. Live Mode boot options include booting from USB or CD-ROM or using PXE (Network) boot. Most of our customers use USB boot for testing purposes and take advantage of the PXE boot server when rolling out NoTouch onto thousands of PCs. For enterprises that need to install at scale, we also offer a MSI installer package that can be rolled out without any third party tools or user interaction.

Do I need Antivirus software on NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS is a high performing secure Linux based Operating System.  By design only the ports and services required to meet the use case are open or available. This mitigates the need in most cases the need to have additional AV or Security based client software.

Some organizations do require AV or additional Client side agents such as Sentry BayCrowdstrike Carbon Black to meet compliance requirements.  Stratodesk can or may already have support for your specific Use Case.  Please speak with the appropriate Account Manager.

When do I need Cloud Xtension

Cloud Xtension is used when you have NoTouch Center deployed on Prem, and need to be able to manage remote devices such as Work From Home.  This will allow you to have the same level of control of those devices as if they were on your local network.

What Unified Communications platforms work with NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS supports most of the common platforms both Natively and via the VDI plugins or Optimizations.

What is an Extension

An extension is the method used to “side load” and application into NoTouch OS at Run time. This allows for NoTouch OS to apply those designated applications to be updated and applied by the NoTouch Center Administrators.

Typical extensions: Avaya, Cisco WebEx Teams, Epos Connect, Google Chrome, MS Team, Zoom, etc.

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