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VMware Horizon View client 2.0 in NoTouch 2.35.41

NoTouch 2.35.41 was released today, March 16, and it includes VMware Horizon View client 2.0 (formerly called VMware View client) not even a full day after VMware has released the client binaries. NoTouch Desktop allows people to repurpose PCs as Thin Clients or diskless workstations for VMware View, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and other terminal services/desktop virtualization products, avoiding all the trouble of old Windows installations with or without lock-down tools and it saves people from buying new hardware just for the purpose of getting “thin” endpoints.

NoTouch OS, a core component of NoTouch Desktop is based on Linux and already includes the VMware Horizon View client and supports PCoIP as well as RDP to connect to Horizon View servers; this client was updated to 2.0 from 1.7 in this new NoTouch 2.35.41 release.

NoTouch running VMware Horizon View client 2.0

NoTouch running VMware Horizon View client 2.0

NoTouch OS 2.35.41 is an OS update only and works well within the Stratodesk NoTouch “Sonora” product generation. Registered customers can download from our download area.

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