NoTouch Desktop

NoTouch Desktop™ is a hardware agnostic operating and management environment for Server Based Computing / Virtual Desktop / Terminal Services / Remote Desktop environments. These components together form NoTouch Desktop:

  • NoTouch OS, the minimal-footprint operating system that runs on PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients various brands. It can run from USB sticks, network boot, CD-ROMs and the local hardware; if you want you can make it wipe out Windows. It comes with clients for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View, Quest vWorkspace, MS RDP clients, Mozilla Firefox and many more
  • NoTouch Center, the central administration solution for configuration, monitoring, update, remote-control of your endpoints
  • Stratodesk Virtual Appliance, an optional component, that includes a preinstalled instance of NoTouch Center and a ready-to-run PXE/network boot server solution.

How NoTouch Desktop helps

  • System administrators who wish to have a worry-free, no-maintenance environment by repurposing existing PCs and never have to touch them again – no more messing with locking down old Windows versions
  • CIOs who want a strategic, hardware-independent and cost-effective approach to endpoint computing instead of vendor-lock-in, retaining the freedom to chose hardware suppliers at any point in time – no urge to buy Thin Clients or stick with a specific brand
  • IT companies who need to maximize value for their clients, maintain SLAs and keep flexible in terms of hardware
  • Thin Client vendors who want the best Linux-based operating system and the best management tool in their product portfolio
  • Hosted solution providers who want to lower the entry bar for their client by not requiring them to maintain a Windows OS and rather start on bare metal

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