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Stratodesk Goes to Citrix Synergy 2018

Citrix Synergy '18

Citrix Synergy –where the world is introduced to the newest innovations from Citrix. One of the central products you can expect to see this year is the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub –built on Raspberry Pi hardware and powered by NoTouch Desktop, Stratodesk’s very own endpoint OS and management software.

Visiting Stratodesk at booth 508 will guarantee you an inside look at the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub, and one of our team will gladly provide you with a demo of its capabilities. We will also be showcasing Imprivata supported on NoTouch –enabling healthcare IT with convenient and secure access to data and applications.

Why Stratodesk?

Stratodesk is the leading VDI and IoT endpoint OS and management solution. We’re the only management solution that governs both x86 devices and Raspberry Pis. The Raspberry Pi is going to totally disrupt the future of end user computing, and our software runs on it. By creating an OS that runs on the Raspberry Pi and allows it to be centrally managed, we are opening new doors for enterprise IoT.  Stratodesk’s software also supports the flow-based IoT programming tool, Node-RED. By providing solutions to solve innovative use cases facing enterprise IoT, we are unlocking new possibilities not only for the workspace but virtually for any cloud managed IoT network.

Stratodesk is also the #1 PC repurposing software provider. Our flagship product, NoTouch Desktop, runs on any hardware regardless of make model or manufacturer, and converts them into high performing Zero Clients. Learn how Stratodesk is standardizing endpoints and mixed environments and empowering its customers with BYOD support and advanced healthcare specific capabilities via Imprivata.

Will you be part of the discussion?

We’ll be meeting with customers at Citrix Synergy, located in Anaheim, from May 8-10, showing them all things Raspberry Pi and NoTouch Desktop. Learn about end computing done right, and how Stratodesk is saving companies a fortune via PC repurposing and low cost endpoint alternatives.

The bloated market of Thin Client and PC endpoints is coming to an end. Be a part of the future of end user computing. Sign up to get one free gift card when you book a meeting with us in advance, and learn how the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub will elevate your workspace and conference rooms of the future.

Attendees who Stop By Booth 508 Can Expect to See

The Citrix Ready Workspace Hub

Powered and centrally managed by Stratodesk’s NoTouch Desktop, the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub is the next generation endpoint for Citrix VDI. Learn how the Raspberry Pi is disrupting the Thin Client space.

NoTouch PC Repurposing

Repurpose any PC, Laptop, Thin Client or Raspberry Pi into a high performing endpoint with NoTouch OS. NoTouch OS is hardware agnostic and runs on the most cutting edge devices.

NoTouch IoT

Incorporate Raspberry Pis into a fully manageable IoT network with NoTouch IoT. With support for Node-RED and the Raspberry Pi, NoTouch IoT unlocks new possibilities for innovative enterprise IoT use cases. Learn how Stratodesk powers low cost low power devices like the Pi0 for Workspace IoT.

Imprivata Support

Learn how healthcare organizations are leveraging the power and convenience of Imprivata on NoTouch Desktop. Experience Single Sign-On, Fingerprint Authentication, and more.


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