Web and Kiosk

Just the browser, nothing else – if that is your scenario, NoTouch Desktop is right for you.

NoTouch Desktop worldwide powers:

  • browser-only desktops for office or factory workers that only need a browser
  • public information terminals at corporate offices, train stations, government offices
  • surf stations in hospitals
  • time-tracking stations

Our integrated Mozilla Firefox web browser can display PDFs, Adobe Flash, and it can be configured to be full-screen and/or without address bar mode with a few mouse clicks. And it is all centrally managed and updated by NoTouch Center, no matter if you have five or five thousand machines.

NoTouch OS effectively prohibits kiosk users from writing permanent changes to disk. It is based on Linux, making immune against all the Windows viruses and malware. It does not need any extra lock-down-tools or ongoing maintenance as it comes as a secure and dedicated browsing environment.

Screenshot of NoTouch running Chrome
NoTouch running Chrome

Customers have also got Opera and Google Chrome browsers integrated – should you have special requirements, please contact us.

And should at some point you just have to make Windows applications available to these terminals – no problem. NoTouch Desktop contains clients for Citrix, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Quest and other server based computing and virtual desktop environments.

Any hardware will do. Use existing PCs or buy the specialty devices you need; but if you buy, buy it as “hardware” and avoid the high price tag of “solutions”; NoTouch Desktop will make it a solution at a fraction of the cost.