Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Hassle Free Microsoft Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Endpoint You Were Always Waiting For!

What is NoTouch Desktop?

  • Only 300 MB installed size OS – RDP client with RemoteFX-support included – central management – side-by-side or instead of Windows – any hardware

You do or plan to run Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (Terminal Server). What about your PCs out there? Do you want to:

  • Keep Windows and maintain the Remote Desktop client, somehow locked down or not, then you have effectively doubled the number of Windows instances in your organization. And you still have the security risks and update duties. Ouch.
  • Trash your PCs, even the newer ones, and buy “Thin Clients” that can cost almost as much as a PC but instead they are slower than the PCs you just trashed and they lock you to a specific vendor. Ouch.
  • Or do you want to have a lean and 100% centrally managed “no-PC” infrastructure software on your existing hardware now and exchange old hardware as needed, with the freedom of choice what to buy?

NoTouch Desktop is the endpoint operating OS and endpoint management solution for your Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environment, including all Terminal Server deployments. Businesses worldwide have already switched to Stratodesk NoTouch – the best way to run Terminal Server Computing. NoTouch Desktop migrates your existing Windows PC into a hassle free and easy to manage software thin client/VDI terminal with the newest RDP/RemoteFX clients already included; we call this PC repurposing.

It does not need Windows – NoTouch is based on Linux – to run and can go on any PC, old or new, laptop or desktop, or even third-party Thin Client devices. And there are Thin Clients available with NoTouch already preinstalled. NoTouch can run side-by-side with Windows, it can replace Windows (effectively wiping it out from the hard drive), or even inside Windows (e.g. for BYOD deployments). It can boot from the network (PXE) boot and thus you can have diskless workstations. Any machine faster than say, 500MHz CPU, and 256 MB RAM, will do. Try it for free on your hardware before you buy.

NoTouch includes the both the FreeRDP and rdesktop RDP clients and thus supports the RDP/RemoteFX protocols natively. You can configure NoTouch to just display a login prompt to your end users and then go directly to a desktop. You can have RDP connections added to the NoTouch startmenu.

NoTouch supports device forwarding, local printers, storage (USB sticks / thumb drives), smartcards (including CAC).

Easy pricing: Just one price – that includes the endpoint OS, the management, the PXE virtual appliance. No hidden fees or cost. Stratodesk Corp. is based in San Francisco, California with a central European field office in Austria. We know what we are doing and have an excellent track record. Testimonials available.

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