Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Super-charge your Oracle Secure Desktop

Stratodesk, an Oracle Gold Partner, provides the most powerful and simplest endpoint OS for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD). Now Secure Global Desktop, your secure remote access solution for any cloud-hosted enterprise application and hosted desktops works with PCs, laptops and Thin Client running Stratodesk’s NoTouch Desktop OS out of the box. Stratodesk’s NoTouch Desktop OS includes the Oracle SGD client pre-installed and can be configured very easily via Stratodesk’s most scalable, award winning NoTouch Center management platform. Start working from a hassle-free, secure NoTouch endpoint in seconds and enjoy the peace of mind of a maintenance free endpoint solution!

What is NoTouch Desktop?

NoTouch Desktop™ is a hardware agnostic endpoint (“client”) operating system and management environment for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and Desktop Virtualization.
NoTouch Desktop OS migrates your existing Windows PC into a hassle free and easy to manage software thin client/VDI terminal with the newest Oracle SGD client, as well as other leading protocols and connection brokers, already included. It does not need Windows to run and can go on any PC, laptop or even third-party Thin Client devices. You will get all the benefits of thin client computing by turning your existing (and new) devices into secure and centrally manageable VDI terminals.  NoTouch offers various boot and installation options (e.g. network/PXE boot or boot from USB stick) and needs minimal system requirements to run. Any machine faster than 500 MHz, and 512 MB RAM will work out of the box, NoTouch is completely hardware agnostic.

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NoTouch OS Benefits at a Glance:

  • Small-footprint OS for Oracle SGD endpoints – with Oracle SGD Client included, no 3rd-party dependencies, not even a Windows operating system
  • Run it on existing and new hardware, run it on PCs and various Thin Clients; don’t even think about which machines are capable or not: they are ALL capable!
  • Don’t let yourself being locked in by a traditional Thin Client vendor – separate hardware from software, retain or freedom to decide what hardware brand you want to buy, whenever you are ready to do so
  • Decide how you run it: installed on a hard drive, live from PXE/network, live from USB, live from CD-ROM and retain the freedom to change your mind at any time
  • Cancel your antivirus and Windows-PC-management-software contracts and save big bucks
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of a maintenance free endpoint solution
  • Enjoy the even greater peace of mind of a secure endpoint solution

With the included, extremely scalable and versatile NoTouch Center management software you can configure, update and manage your endpoints from one central location. With NoTouch Centers unique inheritance of settings, groups and roles can be set up fast and your endpoints will always be kept in sync very easily.

Outstanding features such as

  • Auto-Assign and Auto-Grouping
  • No broadcast operation, works over subnet boundaries, WAN and even the Internet
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL based communication
  • Comes pre-installed in a Virtual Appliance or can be installed on 32 or 64bit Windows systems
  • Included MySQL database, can work with Oracle database as well
  • Peripheral inventory
  • Reporting function
  • Scripting engine
  • Multiple user roles
  • Asset management
  • Helpdesk function

make Stratodesk NoTouch a true enterprise product.

Sounds interesting – but how about pricing?

One price for all – NoTouch Desktop includes the endpoint OS, the management center and the PXE virtual appliance. No hidden fees or costs.


Stratodesk Corp. is based in San Francisco, California with a technical/support and sales field office in Central Europe. We know what we are doing and have an excellent track record. Testimonials available. As an Oracle Gold Partner Stratodesk has premium access to Oracle development software and the Oracle SGD client.

Ready to give it a try?

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